Running Spot

Whenever I move to a new place, I always have to check out the running spots in my new region. I usually do this by going on an exploratory run to see what parts of the area meet my criteria for a good running spot. Specifically, I look for the following:

Running Quotes

I have been a runner since I was in middle school, and so has my sister. We are always on the lookout for great running quotes to keep us motivated. Some of our favorite quotes include lyrics from songs about running and funny or witty statements made by our friends and coaches. When we go running, we often discuss our favorite running quotes and rank new running quotes from 1 to 10 in terms of timelessness.

Running quotes can make a wonderful gift for the runner in your life. If your family, friend, or spouse is a new or a seasoned runner, there are lots of quotes about running that you might want to purchase and frame for them. Running quotes run the gamut from quotes about:

Running Workout

If you are planning a new running workout, the first thing you should consider is pacing yourself. It is difficult to start a vigorous, overly optimistic running training program only to find yourself injured and needing to rest up. Second of all, you need to decide if you are going to start a running workout for endurance or speed.


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Running Pants

If you go to your local sporting goods shop or check any number of sporting goods stores online, you are sure to find a diverse supply of running pants. Depending on the climate in which you live, it is important to buy the correct running apparel, particularly pants, so that you do not overheat or become too cold while you are out in the elements.


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Running Shoes for Women

Having good running shoes is one of the most important factors in a long-lasting, healthy running training program. You need to start with comfortable, stable womens running shoes before you can run for any long duration and avoid injury.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are looking to purchase running shoes for women.

Running Skirt

Runners in warm climates usually should not wear running pants because they can warm up too much and lose dangerous amounts of electrolytes via sweating. For women in warm climates or during hot summers, running shorts or a running skirt are better choices.


Running skirts are generally different from tennis skirts, which have built in underwear. Instead, running skirts typically have built in running shorts made of a spandex material. These are better for running because less skin is shown with the skirt moves.

Good things about running skirts

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Men’s Running Shoes

I have been purchasing men’s running shoes for my husband and my son for years now, so I consider myself an expert on running shoes. Although I purchase women’s running shoes for myself, of course, there are a lot of similarities between women’s and means running shoes. In either case, it is extremely important to consider a few things before you go out and purchase any running shoes.

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Running Apparel

Running apparel complements your running training program just like strength training does. Having appropriate running wear keeps you warm when it is cold, cool when it is hot, allows you to retain good form, and keeps you motivated.

Indeed, the right running sportswear can keep you just as healthy as cross training, and therefore, it is important to make sure that the running clothes you have are well fitting and that you can run in them without feeling self conscious. For instance, if you are running with overly loose or tight fitting clothing, you probably feel like everyone is looking at you, which could make you run at a lower caliber.

Choosing great clothes

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Charity Run

Whether you are training for a marathon or just taking up running recreationally, doing a charity run is bound to be a good experience.

There are many charity runs in communities across the United States. Some of the largest include the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, which benefits breast cancer research. You can probably find a charity run almost every weekend in your local community. Charity runs often fund cancer research, but also can fund specific citizens who have mounting medical bills or possibly citizens who have passed away who now have a fund set up in their name to benefit research in a specific health issue.

For new runners

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Running Equipment

There is a lot of running equipment out there if you are looking to start or enhance your running training program. However, you need to be a scrupulous shopper because there are many running accessories that you just don’t need. On the other hand, some running gear may turn out to be a crucial piece that you cannot live without.

Portable music

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Trail Running Shoes

Running on a trail requires different shoes than running short distances, running on pavement, or running in the grass. Trails can have a variety of conditions that can become different even during a single run. For that reason, trail running shoes are an important item for the cross country runner. If you are planning on running seriously and avoiding injuries, then researching the perfect trail running shoes is a good plan.

No high tops

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Running Sneakers

Just because you may not have an unlimited budget for running sneakers doesn’t mean you can’t get a great pair of top running shoes at a discount price.

To find the best deals on running shoes, try any or all of the following:

  • Check outlet stores for great deals on discontinued top running shoes. Outlets are great because they usually have a lot of shoes in stock, and you’re likely to find your size. However, if you do not live near an outlet store, that can be difficult because outlets sometimes have poor selection, and it’s hard to predict if you’re going to get lucky with discount running shoes.
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Running Spikes

Running spikes provide traction and allow your feet to grip the ground while you are running. Without running spikes, you could more easily slide and fall, and you also might have a slower running time because you would be running more carefully to prevent slides. At the same time, running spikes are not for every terrain. On particularly hard ground, spikes are a bad idea because the base of the spikes will be forced into your feet with every step, and you could become injured. In addition, overly cakey ground can glom up the spikes, resulting in you running with extra weight in caked on earth. Therefore, you need to be a well-informed runner to decide whether you need running spikes.

Removable spikes

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Running Shorts

The choice of running shorts you invest in can be very important to your running training program. This is because running shorts that keep you cool and comfortable are more likely to be associated with longer, healthier runs that ultimately get your more conditioned and into better shape. At the same time, running shorts that ride up, rub and cause chafing, or are too loose are more likely to be associated with more self-conscious running, poorer form, and ultimately even injury.

How to buy

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Running Training Program

Looking for a running training program or a set of programs that will have you motivated to start running and keep running? There are lots of programs on the market, but the most important common thread is that you have to have the right apparel, the right mindset, and a good place to run.

Run often

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Running Tights

Why purchase running tights?

  • They keep you warm when running shorts alone are not enough
  • They are highly flexible and will not constrict your running
  • They are lightweight and therefore will not drag you down like sweatpants can

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Running Shirts

Your choice of running shirts for your running wardrobe is an important decision that necessitates the proper research and planning. There are three main reasons to invest in new running shirts:

  1. You are starting a new running training program and don’t have any running clothing yet
  2. You have recently lost or gained weight, and your current running shirts do not fit well
  3. You just moved to a different climate, and your existing running shirts are too warm or not warm enough

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Running Jacket

It can be difficult to find a great running jacket that fits perfectly and is not so billowy that it creates drag and impedes your running. As a result, many people forego running jackets for additional layers, but this is a bad idea. A running jacket can keep you drier than any running shirt, and it can be more insulating than a running shirt or running vest.

Consider purchasing a running jacket if you:

Motion Control Running

At a price of about $100, you can purchase a pair of motion control running shoes that are sure to enhance your running training program. Whether you are running a half marathon, a full marathon, a series of charity races, or just running for fun, there are lots of benefits to purchasing motion control running shoes.


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Running a Marathon

So you are thinking of running a marathon or a half marathon? Here are my tips for training and running your best marathon.

I have been surprised to find that many of my friends who never ran before have taken up long-distance running, and within about a year of running, they have trained for and completed their first marathon. I find this an amazing testament to the conditioning abilities of the human body. With this in mind, here is a general training regimen for someone who has never run before.

Get started

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